TFT Ersatzmonitore für Industriesteuerungen und CNC Maschinen
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OKUMA » OSP 7000L 12" CRT

Replacement monitor Okuma

10,4" TFT industrial monitor as replacement for CRT monitor.

monitor: 12" monitor
control unit: Okuma OSP 7000 L

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LCD Replacement monitor 10,4“ TFT Full Colour active / 640x480 Pixel
Frequency 15-45 kHz horizontal, 50 - 75 Hz vertikal
Active area 216 x 163 mm (BxH)
Input signal Video 20 pol. Wannenplug
Housing compatible
Settings via OSD (On Screen Display)
Input voltage AC 85-240V
Operating temperature -10 to 55°C
Manufactured according to CE industry standard, EN55022, EN55024
Article no.: LCD10-0073
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