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Replacement monitors Heidenhain

  • LCD 8,4“/12,1“/ 15,0“ industrial monitors
  • Replaced CRT and LCD monitors for diagonal 9“, 12“, 14“, 15“ inch (colour and monochrome)
  • BE110, BE211, BE212, BE412, BE412, BC110, BC120, BC125, BF150
  • mechanical and electrical compatible
  • 2 years warranty


monitor code
Heidenhain monitor units replacement monitor
Data sheet
BC110B, BC110BF
TNC 406/407/415/425/426 LCD12-0038
as fitting
read more
with keyboard
read more
BC120, BC120F, BC125 TNC 407/410/416/426/426PB/430, Mill Plus LCD15-0001
without keyboard
read more
with keyboard
read more
BE110, BE111 TNC145C, TNC150, TNC151 LCD84-0011 read more
BE132B CNC132, CNC223/232, CNC322 LCD12-0042 read more
CNC234 LCD10-0143
as fitting
read more
BE135 TNC135 LCD84-0011 read more
BE211B, BE211F
TNC150, TNC151 LCD12-0102 read more
BE212B, BE212F
TNC246, TNC2500B, TNC306, TNC335, TNC351, TNC360, CNC223, CNC322 LCD12-0136 read more
BE311B, BE311F
TNC 223 LCD12-0037 read more
BE411B BE411F
TNC155 LCD12-0035 read more
BE412B, BE412F
TNC355 LCD12-0036 read more
BE511 TNC332, TNC335 LCD12-0043 read more
BE512 CNC 234 LCD12-0101 read more
BF120 TNC410M, TNC416, TNC426M, TNC430M LCD10-0106
as fitting
read more
with keyboard
read more
iTNC530, MillPlus LCD15-0134 read more
BF155 M
iTNC530, MillPlus LCD15-0098 read more
MM 12100-390 PHILIPS 432/9, CNC 3360 LCD12-0071 read more
CNC Pilot Mill Plus 14" CRT-colour monitor LCD12-0211 read more
Philips CNC 3000 14" CRT-colour monitor Video & Teletext Modul LCD12-0212 read more
Philips CNC 5000 14" CRT-colour monitor Serie with GCB LCD12-0213 read more
Positip 850 12" CRT Monochrom LCD10-0216 read more


monitor code
Heidenhain monitor units replacement monitor
Data sheet
9,1"   Display BF 110 (TNC 2500) LCD95-0015 read more
9,1"   Display BF 2500 (TNC 2500) LCD95-0016 read more
9,1"   Display BF 370 LCD95-0020 read more
12,1" Display BFT131 LCD12-0310 read more
10,4" Display CNC Pilot 3190 LCD10-0092 read more
10,4" Display Heidenhain 4290 LCD10-0125 read more
9"      Display Heidenhain TNC123 LCD95-0007 read more
9,1"   Display Heidenhain TNC124 LCD95-0002 read more
12,1" Display Heidenhain Manual Plus 620 LCD12-0310 read more
9,5"   Display Heidenhain Manual Plus 3110, 4110, BFT121 LCD95-0005 read more
10,4" Display Heidenhain Manual Plus 3110, 4110, BFT121G LCD10-0148 read more
8,9"   Display Positip 855 LCD84-0126 read more
15"    Display Kit Heidenhain BF 750  LCD15-0158 read more
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