TFT Ersatzmonitore für Industriesteuerungen und CNC Maschinen
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CYBELEC » Overview
Replacement monitor for Cybelec
  • LCD 8,4“/10,4“/12,1“ industrial monitors.
  • replacement for CRT and TFT monitors for the diagonal 9“, 10“, 12“, 14“ inch (colour and monochrom)
  • mechanical and electrical compatible
  • 2 years warranty


units CRT size Datasheet
CNC 3200 9" monochrome monitor LCD84-0041 read more
CNC 7000, CNC 7300 9" monochrome monitor LCD84-0070 read more
DNC 30 9" monochrome monitor LCD84-0056 read more
DNC 60 9" monochrome monitor LCD60-0001 read more
DNC 70, DNC 74,
9" monochrome monitor LCD84-0047 read more
DNC 800 10,4” CRT Monitor
Front plate to screw
LCD10-0095 read more
DNC 800, DNC 806 PS 12“ CRT Monitor
Front plate to stick
LCD10-0072 read more
DNC90, DNC94, DNC98, DNC900, DNC904 14" monitor LCD12-0293 read more
DNC900 PS-TFT 10.4" TFT Display LCD12-0219 read more
DNC9000 12,1" TFT Display LCD12-0290 read more
DNC 806 10,4" TFT Display  LCD10-0132 read more
DNC 880LS 10,4" TFT Display LCD10-0118 read more
DNC 1200 12" TFT Monitor LCD12-0191 read more
DNC 7000, DNC 7200,
DNC 7300, DNC 7400
12" monochrome monitor LCD12-0292 read more
EURO 3 9" monochrome monitor LCD84-0078 read more
ModEva 10 10,4" TFT Display LCD10-0120 read more
ModEva 15S 15" TFT Display LCD15-0152 read more
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