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Tsubis GmbH offer TFT replacement monitors and LCD displays for several Fanuc control units. You replace older CRT monitor into new TFT monitor completely or just change LCD panels within your Fanuc unit.

You can get replacement kit for your LCD units, as well. This serviceable kit includes open frame monitor, Fanuc controller and inverter.

Fanuc replacement monitors

   LCD displays for Fanuc

     LCD units for Fanuc

TFT replacement monitors for

9" / 12" / 14" CRT monitors

monochrome and color

LCD display panels

(Sharp, NEC, Hitachi)

Displays and monitors

for LCD / MDI units

A61L-0001-0071 A49L-0001-0052 A02B-0120-C061
A61L-0001-0072 A61L-0001-0114 A02B-0120-C131
A61L-0001-0073 A61L-0001-0116 A02B-0163-C332
A61L-0001-0074 A61L-0001-0123 A02B-0200-C050
A61L-0001-0076 A61L-0001-0138 A02B-0200-C061
A61L-0001-0077 A61L-0001-0139 A02B-0200-C111
A61L-0001-0079 A61L-0001-0142 A02B-0200-C115
A61L-0001-0086 A61L-0001-0154 A02B-0200-C151
A61L-0001-0087 A61L-0001-0162  A02B-0236-B613
A61L-0001-0090 A61L-0001-0163 A02B-0200-C084
A61L-0001-0092 A61L-0001-0168 A02B-0120-C066 
A61L-0001-0093 A61L-0001-0174  
A61L-0001-0094 A61L-0001-0176  
A61L-0001-0095 A61L-0001-0179  
A61L-0001-0096 A61L-0001-0181  
A61L-0001-0097 A61L-0001-0187  
A61L-0001-0215 / B A61L-0001-0193  
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